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Table Of Contents

Part ‘A’

Computer Awareness and Scientific Aptitude

Computer Awareness

General Awareness and Scientific Aptitude



Geography (or Geo science)



Part ‘B’

Unit–1 : Atomic Structure

Unit–2 : Acids and Bases

Unit–3 : Re dox Reactions

Unit–4 : Introductory Energetics and Dynamic of Chemical Reactions

Unit–5 : Aspects of s-, p-, d- and f- Block Elements

Unit–6 : IUPAC Nomenclature of Simple Organic and Inorganic Compounds

Unit–7 : Stereo-chemistry : Concept of Chirality

Unit–8 : Common Organic Reactions and Mechanisms

Unit–9 : Elementary Principles and Applications of Spectral Techniques

Unit–10 : Data Analysis

Part ‘C’

Unit–1: Quantum Chemistry

Unit–2: The Variation Method and Perturbation Theory

Unit–3: Born Oppenheimer Approximation, MO, VB

Unit–4: Group Theoretical Representations and Quantum Mechanics

Unit–5: Spectroscopy : Theoretical Treatment of Rotational, Vibrational and Electronic Spectroscopy, Principles of Magnetic Resonance, Moss bauer and Photo electron Spectroscopy

Unit–6, 7: Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium

Unit–8 : Ideal and Non-ideal Solutions

Unit–9: Electro-chemistry

Unit–10: Surface Phenomenon

Unit–11: Statistical Thermodynamics

Unit–12: Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics

Unit–13: Reaction Kinetics

Unit–14: Fast Reactions

Unit–15: Macromolecules

Unit–16: Solids

Unit–17: Nuclear Chemistry

Unit–18: Chemistry of Non-transition Elements

Unit–19: Chemistry of Transition Elements

Unit–20: Chemistry of Lanthanides and Actinides

Unit–21: Organometallic Chemistry of Transition Elements

Unit–22: Analytical Chemistry

Unit–23: Bio-inorganic Chemistry

Unit–24: Aromaticity

Unit–25: Stereo chemistry and Conformational Analysis

Unit–26: Selective Organic Name Reactions

Unit–27: Mechanism of Organic Reactions

Unit–28: Peri cyclic Reactions

Unit–29: Hetero cyclic Chemistry

Unit–30: Reagents in Organic Synthesis

Unit–31: Chemistry of Natural Products

Unit–32: Bio-organic Chemistry

Unit–33: Photochemistry

Unit–34: Spectroscopy

Interdisciplinary Topics

1 Chemistry in Nano science and Technology

2 Catalysis and Green Chemistry

3 Medicinal Chemistry

4 Supra-molecular Chemistry

5 Environmental Chemistry

Part-B—Multiple Choice Questions

Part-C—Multiple Choice Questions

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