One Liner Approach General Science Based on NCERT Latest Syllabus in English for All Competitive Exams Paperback – 1 January 2019

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1 January 2019

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Kiran’s one liner approach General Science English useful for all Competitive exams based on NCERT latest syllabus contents Physics 1. Physics and different branch 2. Physical quantities: S.I. And derived units 3. Commonly used basic units 4. Dimensional formulae of physical quantities 5. Measurements and errors in Physics 6. Kinematics 7. Newton's law of Motion 8. Circular Motion 9. Work, force and energy 10. Gravitation 11. Elasticity 12. Heat and Thermodynamics 13. Simple Harmonic Motion 14. Wave motion and sound 15. Light and its properties 16. Electrostatics 17. Current Electricity 18. Electrical measurements and used devices 19. Electromagnetism 20. Electromagnetic Waves 21. Nuclear Physics 22. Semiconductors and devices Chemistry 1. Basic principles of chemistry 2. Structure of Atom 3. Periodic Classification of Elements 4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 5. States and properties of Matter: solids, Liquids and gases 6. Thermodynamics 7. Equilibrium 8. Hydrogen and its properties 9. Alkali metals and their properties 10. Alkaline Earth metals and their properties 11. Carbon family elements and their properties 12. Chalcogens, members of oxygen family 13. Pnictogens, members of Nitrogen family 14. Halogens 15. Transition elements 16. Metallurgy 17. Solids 18. Solutions 19. Electrochemistry 20. Chemical Kinetics 21. Qualitative analysis 22. Organic Chemistry Biology 1. Cytology 2. Tissues structure and functions 3. Classification of plants and animals 4. Plant structure and functions 5. Plant physiology 6. Human physiology 7. Plant and animal Reproduction 8. Heredity and variation 9. Evolution, Inorganic and Organic evolution 10. Biotechnology principles and applications 11. Human heal th, diseases and treatment 12. Plant pathology 13. Micro-organisms; friends to mankind 14. Environment and Ecology 15. Pollution: causes and effects 16. Agriculture and animal Husbandry Science and technology space research in India types of satellites and their applications Science and Technology in defence sector Science and Technology in energy sector witricity digital India Biotechnology in medical sciences computer Knowledge computer: an introduction computer terminology characteristics of computer devices acting as both input and output devices languages and specification desktop computer Networking Internet computer virus hexadecimal representation of numbers payment systems and electronic Banking.

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