SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Exam Practice Work Book English - 2256 Paperback – 21 June 2018

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by Kiran Prakashan (Author), Pratiyogita Kiran (Author), KICX (Author)
Kiran Prakashan (21 June 2018)
21 June 2018

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SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Exam Practice Work Book English
Including 2018 Solved Papers
(Communication and Writing Skill)
( English Essay/ Precis /Letter/ Application Writing etc.)
Total 65 Sets
Essay Writing
Letter/Application Writing
Precis Writing
60 Model Practice Sets:-
Model Practice Set-01
Essay : Need for Common Civil Code in India
Letter Writing : Regarding resignation from the position of editor of school magazine.
Precis: Telephone - a trouble-some piece of equipment
Model Practice Set-02
Essay : Cashless Transactions: Scopes and Future Prospects in India .
Letter Writing : Request for tracing a missing person
Precis : America’s Dynamic Foreign Policy
Model Practice Set-03
Essay : India vs. China in the context of emerging economy in South Asia
Letter Writing : Request to resolve load-shed­ding in our locality
Precis : How to Reconstruct the Rural life of In­dia In Today’s Perspective.
Model Practice Set-04
Essay : Things that count as being civilized
Letter Writing : Regarding failure in delivery of Important documents sent by Registered Post
Precis : Culture - An Attitude of Life
Model Practice Set-05
Essay : Cleaning and connecting rivers in India
Letter Writing: Write a letter to your old school teacher whose address you have come across.
Precis : Bane of Soil Erosion
Model Practice Set-06
Essay : The recent achievements of India’s nuclear scientists
Letter Writing : Complain letter to Municipal authority against burning of waste in open
Precis : Forward Looking Dreams of a Poet
Model Practice Set-07
Essay : Time is Money
Letter Writing: Letter to editor for raising aware­ness against open defecation ., ,
Precis : Money And Pleasure
Model Practice Set-08
Essay : One belt one road mission and India
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend, Prateek Aggarwal, narrating an accident.
Precis : Military Leaders versus Political Leaders
Model Practice Set-09
Essay : Examinations are an essential part of the education system
Letter Writing : Letter to education secretary regarding deteriorating quality standards in primary school along with suggestions for improvement
Precis : Nurture a vision for nation’s glittering future
Model Practice Set-10
Essay : Democracy is the best form of government
Letter Writing: Regarding inconvenience caused by Garbage deposit in our locality.
Precis : A good man and a bad man
Model Practice Set-11
Essay : The status of women in the world today
Letter Writing : Letter to the chief minister of­fice for improving the miserable financial condi­tion of the local bodies
Precis : Margayya - The Financial Expert
Model Practice Set-12
Essay : Doubling the income of farmers
Letter Writing : As you will not be able to at­tend the event, write a letter of excuse to your friend.
Precis : Expansion in American Identity
Model Practice Set-13
Essay : Prime Minister Housing For All Scheme
Letter Writing : Letter to Secretary Urban Development about water logging in cities with suggestions and recommendations
Precis : Social Dimensions of Indian Literature
Model Practice Set-14
Essay : Ways and means which could help to minimize road accidents
Letter Writing : Congratulation letter to the chief minister for starting an efficient metro ser­vice
Precis : Fashion dominating individual opinion
Model Practice Set-15
Essay : India needs to redefine the relations between the Centre and the States
Letter Writing: A letter to your friend, who has failed in the Matriculation Examination, encour­aging him to try again
Precis : Education and Regional Languages
Model Practice Set-16
Essay : Terrorism — a threat to global peace
Letter Writing : Write a letter of apology to a friend
Precis : Truth and Salvation
Model Practice Set-17
Essay : Is development possible at the cost of environment?
Letter Writing : A letter to father describing your new school.
Precis : ‘Energy of Will’ -Foundation of Character.
Model Practice Set-18
Essay : Necessity is the mother of invention
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend holidays on the hill-station with you
Precis : The Story of Vishwamitra
Model Practice Set-19
Essay: The India of My Dreams
Letter Writing: A letter to younger brother with a piece of advice to be careful about his studies
Precis : The Object of Education
Model Practice Set-20
Essay : Life is a challenge
Letter Writing: Write a letter to your father from the boarding school which you joined recently, telling him that you dislike the life of a boarder
Precis : True Happiness
Model Practice Set-21
Essay: Modernizing energy and India
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend who intends to give up his studies and join as a clerk
Precis : Proper Use of Money
Model Practice Set-22
Essay : Familiarity breeds contempt
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend describing the happiest day of your life
Precis : Pleasures and Pains of Childhood
Model Practice Set-23
Essay : Self help is the best help
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend inviting him to the wedding of your sister
Precis : Ill-treatment to Animals
Model Practice Set-24
Essay: Should animals be used for drug development and medical research ?
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend describing about your school and your progress in studies
Precis : Rama’s Coronation
Model Practice Set-25
Essay : Challenges of Indian Boarders
Letter Writing: A letter of thanks to your friend.
Precis : The Pyramid of Cheops
Model Practice Set-26............. SGDE-128
Essay : North Korea’s nuclear test and the world response
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend telling him what you intend to do after your Ma­triculation Examination
Precis : Fashion Among Women
Model Practice Set-27
Essay: Revamping our banking system is the need of the hour
Letter Writing : Write a letter to the police making a request to search lost dog.
Precis : The Illusion of Freedom
Model Practice Set-28
Essay : Who needs literature ?
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend describing your experience during the visit of a haunted house at night
Precis : Education and Regional Language Multi-lingual state - a blessing
Model Practice Set-29
Essay : Sardar Patel’s role in India’s freedom movement and afterwards
Letter Writing : Letter of request to the secre­tary, Human Resource Development for including vocational education as a compulsory subject till graduation
Precis : Philosophy and Man
Model Practice Set-30
Essay : Are We Progressing?
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your younger brother advising him how he should prepare for the forthcoming school examination
Precis : Magic and its Meaning
Model Practice Set-31
Essay : Disaster Management System in India
Letter Writing : Write a letter to the chairman. Railway Board complaining about the deteriora­tion of the services and amenities
Precis : Good men are like trees
Model Practice Set-32
Essay : India and her neighbours
Letter Writing : Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about the insanitary condition of the street and bad state of roads
Precis : Developing a self-governing being
Model Practice Set-33
Essay : Need to Conserve Nature
Letter Writing : Letter to the chief secretary of state regarding anomalies you detected in the pub­lic distribution system as an audit officer
Precis : Role of Library and Information Services
Model Practice Set-34
Essay : The Cricket Mania
Letter Writing: Request for issuance of School Leaving Certificate
Precis : Drug Misuse
Model Practice Set-35
Essay : Illiteracy — A Curse on Mankind + Letter Writing : Letter to Secretary of an edu­cational board for timely publication of board results
Precis : The ideal of Trusteeship
Model Practice Set-36
Essay : National Integration
Letter Writing : Request for permission for a friendly cricket match
Precis : Advantages of drinking Coffee
Model Practice Set-37
Essay : Falling standards of ambient air quality in the Indian cities
Letter Writing : Complaint against the Nui­sance of loudspeakers in the area.
Precis : Role of Cinema in Education
Model Practice Set-38
Essay : Concept of War-Free World
Letter Writing : Application for the Post of Senior Marketing Manager having experience of six months
Precis: Conventional and Unconventional Sources of Energy
Model Practice Set-39
Essay : Consequences of Inflation
Letter Writing : Growing Incidents of Theft in our locality
Precis : An Experience of Urban Life
Model Practice Set-40
Essay : Financial inclusion is a must for inclu­sive growth
Letter Writing: Write a letter to your penpal in Sweden depicting/bringing out the rich traditions and heritage of India
Precis : The Aryans-A Proud Race
Model Practice Set-41
Essay: Responsibility of media in moulding public opinion.
Letter Writing : Commendation for environmental awareness
Precis ; Factors behind high inflation in India
Model Practice Set-42
Essay : Educative Value of Travelling
Letter Writing : Deplorable accumulation of garbage on roads.
Precis : A plagued Capital City
Model Practice Set-43
Essay : Use of Public Libraries
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend with a meagre salary giving him certain sugges­tions to add to his income
Precis : Narrative of Sheikh Chilli
Model Practice Set-44
Essay: The Role of Opposition Parties in a Democratic Society
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your brother advising him not to be a book-worm
Precis : India’s Poverty’s Dark stain or the Curse Of India’s Poverty.
Model Practice Set-45
Essay : Role of Governor in Indian polity
Letter Writing : Complaint against non-deliv­ery of money order.
Precis : Ethical values and social facts
Model Practice Set-46
Essay: NET Neutrality is a must for digital India
Letter Writing: Request for Short Term Course in Computer Programming
Precis : Attainment of Rights by Indian women
Model Practice Set-47
Essay : Science and Social Responsibility
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend who has passed the Board examination with high merit
Precis : Fusillade of Advertisements
Model Practice Set-48
Essay : The importance of traditional agriculture in India.
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your younger brother who is studying in the boarding school
Precis : Education of Women
Model Practice Set-49
Essay : Need For Examination Reforms
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend who lives in a far-off town in Tamil Nadu requesting him to spend a few days with you in Delhi
Precis : The significance of Gitanjali
Model Practice Set-50
Essay : Is Women’s Place At Home Alone ?
Letter Writing : Suggestions about improve­ment in library
Precis : Reality of Development
Model Practice Set-51
Essay : The China, Russia, Pakistan troika
Letter Writing : Request to open a sub-Post office.
Precis : Advantages of early rising
Model Practice Set-52
Essay : Need of Communal Harmony in India
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend describing an accident you witnessed
Precis : The Brain-Drain and India
Model Practice Set-53
Essay : The Indian is a minority in India
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your father who has expressed his annoyance at your bad performance in your examination
Precis : The True Meaning of Greatness
Model Practice Set-54
Essay : Popularity
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your friend about your aim in life
Precis : English Education and Employment
Model Practice Set-55
Essay : The growing problem of floods in cities
Letter Writing : Providing nearby bus-stops
Precis : The Secret of Success in Life
Model Practice Set-56
Essay : Corruption: Causes and Remedies
Letter Writing : Write a motivational letter to your friend who has failed in the Board exami­nation
Precis : Economic gain can enrich political rights
Model Practice Set-57
Essay : Importance of E-banking
Letter Writing : Write a letter to your brother/ sister explaining the importance of Lokpal Bill
Precis : Dilution of the Draft of Land Acquisi­tion Bill, 2011
Model Practice Set-58
Essay : Emerging Trends of Aviation Industry in India
Letter Writing: Complaint against acute short­age of water
Precis : Secrets of Success
Model Practice Set-59
Essay : Global World Converting into A Global Village
Letter Writing : Write a letter of condolence to your friend who has lost his brother in an acci­dent
Precis : Habit of Reading Books
Model Practice Set-60
Essay : Role of Big Business Houses Towards Green Initiatives
Letter Writing : Need of Educational Facilities
Precis : Responsibility of Civil Servant
Solved paper-61
ssc chsl (10+2) descriptive test, 18.09.2016
solved paper-62
ssc cgl tier-iii descriptive test, 19.03.2017
solved paper-63
ssc metric level group ‘c’ and ‘d’ stenographer exam, 13.05.2017
solved papers-64
ssc chsl (10+2) descriptive test, 09.07.2017
solved papers-65
ssc multi-tasking staff tier-ii exam, 28.01.2018.

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